MG House by Maya Sheinberger Interior Design

MG House is a renovation of a single-family house in Hod Hasharon designed by Maya Sheinberger Interior Design. Before the renovation, the house was country-style, dark and old-fashioned. The entrance floor was re-designed along with the outdooor developing of the plot, while opening a new windows and creating full inside-outside connection. Changing the layout of the first floor according to the needs of the family, and Adding a second floor attic as a bedroom for the eldest daughter. Photography by Itay Benit

My favorite area in the house is the family lounge, originally there was closed wall, and I decided to open a huge window with a bench underneath with storage. I moved the olive tree from the entrance of the lot to the center of the new window. The window frames the tree as a picture, so we decided not to add curtains to that window.
Another space that I love is the boys’ study area on the first floor. An open space next to the staircase, where I designed a library of random cubes in three finishes white-balck-oak combined with a desk.
The colors chosen for the house are very calm, combining a great deal of wood and shades of blue and gray.
It was important for the owners to keep a very practical home with lots of storage space and still get a warm, modern, up-to-date home that matches the character of the family.

Clients: A couple in their 40s, parents of three
Structure: Single-family house, basement, ground floor, first floor and attic level, which was added during the renovation
Length of planning: 10 months
Duration of renovation: 8 months
The cost of the renovation: NIS 1,500,000
Ground floor area: 80 square meters
Space: 260 sq.m.

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