Villa Black by NAPUR Architect

Villa Black is a project designed by NAPUR Architects. The villa was built on one of the most beautiful locations of Budaliget. The flat site is located on a former airport field, in the exact center of the area, which previously functioned as the airport runway. The lot was completely empty – looking at it in its natural state one gets to see picturesque views with beautiful large trees all over the location. The area is ideally lit by the sun and it’s completely protected from the wind. Photography by Tamás Bujnovszky.

The surrounding neighboring buildings all feature contemporary architectural characteristics. The architects wanted the building to blend into the neighborhood, but at the same time, they wanted
to design something completely unique.
The home is designed for ideal sun exposure, taking into account the existing trees while the surrounding nature also protects the dwellers from the unwanted views. The building works with refined contemporary gestures in the field of mass formation, which gives it a playful, but still an elegant character. The use of materials on the façade is based on three dominant elements. An anthracite deep-burned rectangular casing covers 70% of the building’s surface, and the remaining surfaces have been treated with a gray finish paint. The surface of the roof is covered with anthracite-colored metal scrub. These combinations of the dark gray brick, metal and wood surfaces and the subtle shift in their tones gave a unitary composition and harmony to the external character of the home.
The villa also pays homage to Irish traditional architectural design through its unique use of materials in unusually dark colors. The exterior, radiating a strong rustic nomadic vibe covers a refined, rather minimal interior. Outside and inside, the home represents the perfect counterpoint of our comfortable, over-designed world.

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