Coverage by Spazio Arquitetura

For this coverage in São Paulo, the office Spazio Arquitetura focused on ensuring the integration of the social area, so that the resident family could enjoy the home theater and dining room. The project, from the Spazio Arquitetura office, contributed to more frequent meetings between family and friends.

“In this case, the idea was to take advantage of the same floor covering to enlarge the lunch room as well,” say the architects.

“We eliminated the small cupboard, which can easily be replaced by cabinets. We created a large living room with a TV and a huge dining table, ”they say.

The project also contemplated a home office in the former dormitory of one of the children, who married.

Since the family has a law firm, it needed an organized home-based environment with plenty of room for books and documents.

“For this, we created a huge bookcase with a closed bottom with doors and drawers and a table for two people to work simultaneously,” explain the professionals.

According to the architects, the end result could not have been better. Family habits changed after retirement – now they meet much more often and receive many more friends. The penthouse has thus become the new meeting place. For the furniture, sofas, swivel armchairs and chairs were chosen.

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