Apartment by Eliana de Souza

The project, by architect Eliana de Souza, modified much of the infrastructure and added functional solutions to the property. Maximization and double height bring immensity to just 243 m²

Architect Eliana de Souza was responsible for the renovation project of this 243 m² apartment in the Vila Suzana neighborhood of São Paulo. With original four suites and finishes in the wet areas of the unit, the property had, as a first change, the removal of these items and expansion in the kitchen area.

The kitchen, double closet and employee bathroom entrances were also relocated. With the focus of integration of the main area of ​​the apartment – living room and gourmet balcony with double height – was made the leveling of the floors.

“This double height was one of the key points of the project, focusing on communicating all the elements projected in the large space through textures, light tones and landscaping, translating the classical and modern language idealized for the environment,” says Eliane.

In order for the project to fit the property, all the infrastructure was changed, with deactivation and necessary additions in hydraulics, electrical, lighting, automation and air conditioning.

In addition, due to the considerable new element of landscaping, an irrigation system was required to feed a 3.5 meter high vertical flowerbed.

“However, the biggest challenge of infra was the displacement of the barbecue in the gourmet area. With no outlet on the side for air exhaustion, it took a pipe through the TV room, dining room and entrance hall to reach the service area. With the double-beamed feet that conform to the beams and the belt present in the room, it has been a challenge overcome with surprising functionality, ”says the architect.

With clean décor and classic and contemporary style, the project has ensured a cozy home with many possibilities for interaction.

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