Projeto Cobertura by WVS Arquitetura

Projeto Cobertura is a project designed by WVS Arquitetura. With two married children and 5 grandchildren. The residents of this property wanted a nice apartment that had the look of “home”, without much freshness because they very much wanted the grandchildren to “feel free” to enjoy every corner of the apartment.

A refuge in the middle of the metropolis that is São Paulo, we use many natural elements, such as linen, silk straw in the wall coverings. Washed cotton on the curtains for easy maintenance.

Wallpaper on almost every wall, except living, to “warm up” the surroundings.

We sought in the choice of furniture and objects something that would create a cozy but sophisticated atmosphere. The mix of materials and textures, such as wood, lacquer, acrylic, help to give lightness and create a warm and unpretentious mood.

Works of art are part of the context as the painting by artist Vik Muniz that sits between Living and the Dining Room.

Style and functionality was the main objective in this project.

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