HUALUXE Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone by CCD

HUALUXE Hotel & Resorts designed by CCD / Cheng Chung Design (HK) is IHG’s another classic work in its exciting course of reformation, and a new international luxury hotel brand tailored to Chinese guests. Relying on IHG’s world-renowned excellent management system, it’s dedicated to providing attentive and considerate services in a new definition of Chinese hospitality centering on four principles: Chinese etiquette; status recognition; rejuvenation with nature; and enabling spaces, which offers an ideal choice for business, entertainment, family reunion and friend gatherings. Photography by Zhu Hai, Qiu Xin.


Chang’an, today known as Xi’an, is a world-famous ancient capital and one of the birthplaces of Chinese and Oriental civilization. It used to be the capital of 13 ancient Chinese dynasties, and was especially flourishing at the apex of Tang dynasty. Back then, the imperial palace complex was magnificent and splendid featuring connected roofs, spectacular structures and exquisite decorations, making it a paradise on earth. Though later having undergone vicissitudes for several hundred years, the ancient capital is still worshiped for its past grandeur.
Situated at this land with rich cultural heritage, HUALUXE Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone is HUALUXE’s first hotel in West China and is positioned as an Asia-pacific flagship hotel, which pays tribute to the city of etiquette via orthodox design languages.

Project name: HUALUXE Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone
Interior design firm: CCD / Cheng Chung Design (HK)
Construction firm: Shenzhen Asiantime International Construction Co., Ltd.
Project type: Hotel
Project location: Xi’an, China
Project area: 41,000 m2
Completion time: August 2019
Photography: Zhu Hai, Qiu Xin

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