Green Golf by Léo Shehtman

The project of the architect Léo Shehtman was thought from the beginning looking for the comfort of the family – father, mother and a son, who is a family that seeks to live in style, with the comfort of a 5 star hotel. The main idea came from modern inspirations, integrated with the luxury and sophistication of pieces by renowned designers all over the world. Photography by Demian Golovaty.


Contemporary language pieces were used creating harmonious compositions between the environments, which are integrated, providing greater interaction between the uses of each one. Most of the coatings used are of great prominence in the project, such as, for example, the gold-plated tablets from Bizassa, which enhance the apartment hall and the master suite.
The apartment’s balcony, which circulates it all around, with the infinity pool, SPA and water mirror that advances internally to the living room and a large Timbertech synthetic wood deck, guarantee the modern air of the apartment. Alex Hanazaki’s landscaping complements the external architecture of the balcony with sophistication and modernity.
The coverage has an exclusive and technological sound, video, blinds, air conditioning and hydromassage automation system, controlled by iPad and Iphone, whose equipment is stored in an air-conditioned technical room and before flames.
Air-conditioned wine cellar with capacity for 300 bottles in white lacquer and golden laminate in bespoke joinery and Leo Shehtman project.
One of the most prominent pieces of the living room is the Christian Haas rope lamp imported exclusively by Micasa.

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