C Apartment by Maya Sheinberger Interior Design

C Apartment is a project designed by Maya Sheinberger Interior Design. 120 square meter apartment in the heart of the northern neighborhood of Tel Aviv. The apartment was designed and customized to the requirements of the clients before the beginning of construction. Photography by Itay Benit


The selected color palette is 50 shades of gray. Black highlights in window profiles and lighting stand out on a white background. A shot of turquoise and nude colors contrasts with the monochromatic color palette.

The couple’s life dictated the layout of the apartment.
To the left of the entrance is the graphite-gray kitchen. The design of the kitchen was as two parallel lines with tall cabinets that integrate the integral appliances and an island with a large stainless steel worktop.
Large living room overlooking the park through the black-framed windows — a stone-colored sofa combined with a vintage leather armchair and coffee tables in marble finish and shiny turquoise. A large gray carpet defines the seating area.
The dining was decorated with a large oak table with black chairs in the dining area, and a lighting fixture in blackened wood and gray glass. On the wall – artworks that the owner received as a gift from the artist. Soft and natural drapes in light gray were selected.
At the begging of the hallway to the left is a Very bright master bedroom with upholstery bed and leather side dressers in greige. Black iron and glass door leads to the master bathroom. The bathroom tiled in different shades of gray.
The Grandchildren’s room is at the end of the hallway. This beautiful room is designed with a gray sofa bed, a pink armchair, and a black wood open shelving unit. A big black-white-grey carpet and soft blinds soften up the space.
The second bathroom, also in the same colors, serves as a bathroom and guest toilet.
It was important for the owners to keep an efficient home with lots of storage space and still get a warm, modern, up-to-date home that matches the character of the couple.

Clients: A couple in their 60s
Structure: Apartment
Length of planning: 12 months
Duration of build: 24 months
Space: 120 sq.m.
Balcony: 30 sq.m

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