Apartment by Triart Arquitetura

The apartment designed by Triart Arquitetura is located in a super wooded neighborhood of São Paulo, it is at the height of the tree tops, bringing plenty of green and light to the indoor area. We at Triart love this internal / external integration. Photography by Renato Navarro.


The whole apartment was designed in light tones to bring lightness and light, the original brick walls were peeled and painted white, the original wooden floor was restored. We love to keep the architecture of an era and add modern items such as the white metallic bookcase that divides the living room with dining area. This mix of times leaves the original atmosphere and personality.

The Brazilian design furniture composes leaving the apartment even more sophisticated, it could be located anywhere in the world, even looks very much like an apartment in Europe.

The white can be cold depending on the way it is used, for that we use many different textures, the original brick wall, textures on the other walls, rugs, 100% linen fabric curtains, also a linen sofa with enough cushion that you feel like to play, among others.

The half-open kitchen for the living room allows integration with the living room for those who are cooking, something that nowadays is much demanded by customers, people have received their friends a lot at home.

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