Casa Santa Teresa by Amelia Tavella

Amelia Tavella, just distinguished by the first Corsican architecture award, completes on her native island the construction site of the Casa Santa Teresa, on the Sanguinaires Route in Ajaccio.


Interior and exterior are never untied, but in balance according to the strength or the softness of the light passed through the sieve of the striped shutters, pivoting doors which invite or protect in the vast living room with secret alcoves leading to the upper rooms, while the plants and flowers escort the swim. The white building surrounded by sky is built overhanging the Mediterranean which unfolds a few meters away and which can be reached barefoot on the warm slab: the offering and the promise.

“It is a house from the 1950s that had to be rebuilt without leaving behind vestiges of the past: its soul, its spirit. I believe in the memory of the walls. Pivoting doors, alcoves, no partition prevents the view. I wanted beauty to flow, to be an invitation to the horizon, to the imagination. ” Santa Teresa “This is the quintessential vacation home, the one that haunts my memory of happy childhood evenings, when the night embraces the day and beauty is a celebration” This latest achievement expresses the architectural gesture of Amelia Tavella : “When I build, I don’t defeat. There is no betrayal. I proceed by inclusion. Nature invades my projects. Each time, it’s a gamble: register the building in the original space without shocking, moving or mistreating it. It is an extension, not an amputation. “

Photography by:
Portrait A.Tavella: M.Tessier
Casa Santa Teresa :T.Dini

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