Stay at home by Fo4a Architecture

“The Stay at Home project“ designed by Fo4a Architecture is inspired by the situation we found ourselves in, during 2020 and pandemic resulting with the necessity of staying (isolated) indoors – compelled or by free will.


The first floor is designed as an open space concept for an all-day stay with everything in hand. The four high sections, each oriented to a different side of the world, form content niches with a unique interpretation of space. Along with the reading niche, there are also a running niche, sleeping niche or a bedroom and a sauna. On the second floor there is a service room along with the outdoor exercise terraces for yoga or stars watching on the second floor.
The object is structurally designed with a combined steel structure and reinforced concrete elements. The house is set on “V” pillars, giving a sense of security with its position.

Location (City, State): Anywhere in the world
Design year: 2020.
Total area (m2): 92 m2 in the House + Terrace 36 m2

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