River Ranch by Jobe Corral Architects

The River Ranch designed by Jobe Corral Architects is about the connection to the land and is locate in Blanco, Texas, United States. photography by Casey Dunn, Casey Woods.


The indoor/outdoor relationship of the spaces is strengthened by specific moments that connect the user to the following three site features:

The land: thick rammed earth walls emerge from the land and form a protective shell for the interior of the building , while creating a strong anchor on the site.
The trees: steel trellises and wood screens provide another layer of protection by filtering light and providing shade.
The open views: a glass expanse opens physical connections and views.

The central courtyard houses an underground cistern that serves as the entire water supply for the residence. Above ground, the courtyard includes limestone porches and terraces with all native plants, that serve as the transition from the building to the natural landscape. Whether inside or outside, the users are able to enjoy the land, while shielded from the elements , and feel a strong sense of place.

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