Apartment by Gabriel Magalhães

The initial project for this apartment is from 2014, when the client was still married and the son was small. Last year, after divorce, the client asked for a makeover to better fit his new lifestyle. Thus, the 300-meter apartment, located in one of the most popular condominiums in Salvador, underwent a reformulation by Gabriel Magalhães that made it more integrated.


The double-height balcony was fully incorporated into the room, thus avoiding the effects of wind and rain. In addition, the gourmet area was also integrated into the rest of the living room, thus providing greater comfort when receiving friends and family for lunch and dinner.
The selection of furniture is from Home Design – dining table signed by Guilherme Torres and various furniture signed by Jader Almeida; Lighting by Omni Light, except the pendant in the dining room is Luminata .; Uniflex Única curtains, works of art from the Roberto Alban gallery; Most objects from Bizancio; Bricks from Palimanan, distributed by Fonseca Shop; Every part of Parliament’s floors and coverings.

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