Kelly House by ANNA.CARIN DESIGN Studio

‘The Kelly House by ANNA.CARIN DESIGN Studio.’ Channelling Grace Kelly’s sophistication and class, this grand Double Bay freestanding house (originally two separate residences) draws on a minimal palette that allows the heritage detailing to shine. This is juxtaposed with a considered selection of furniture and the client’s collection of contemporary art. Photography by Justin Alexander.


The house had been renovated several times for different owners and the result was a patchwork of various styles and materials.

The metaphor of ‘Grace Kelly’ was introduced by the principal designer as a way to set the tone for the project as well as the quality of work wanted to achieve. Tradesmen were briefed on this concept and an image of Grace was taped to the wall throughout the entire renovation as a constant reminder. Sophistication. Class. Effortless elegance.

During the demolition stage, carpet was removed in the Dining Room, uncovering the original tiled fireplace hearth. Ironically, the tile had the motif of The Lily of The Valley – this was Grace Kelly’s wedding bouquet.

New timber flooring was installed throughout. All 5 bathrooms and the kitchen were renovated to create a coherent interior. The design was very much about removing and refining, rather than adding, to reveal the true nature of the house. Careful curation of the clients existing furniture with new pieces complement their collection of art and contemporary style.

The design celebrates the heritage features and proportions of the existing architecture while bringing it into current day with the curation of furniture and bespoke joinery. This project proves how small changes to the spatial layout can make the world of difference.

High quality fixtures and materials were used to create a home that transcends time.

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