State of art Edition by YODEZEEN

Precise architectural lines, mindbending form aesthetics in suit with ideal implementation. YODEZEEN architectural and design studio has carried out a project of apartments in the historic downtown of Kyiv. This time designers and architects united modern classics with Empire elements. Photography by Andrii Shurpenkov.


The historic background of the area
The new completed project of YODEZEEN studio is located in the historic area of Kyiv, in a city borough called Lypky, on Instytutska Street — one of the oldest town gates. Since 2014, part of Instytutska Street has been renamed as Heroiv Nebesnoi Sotni Alley — homage to the events that took place in the city during the revolution 6 years ago.
Historically, Instytutska Street unites many heritage assets deducted during the 18-19th centuries. That fact has established the predominant architectural trend of Lypky property development — monumental classical style with elements of Art Deco and Empire. And that gave a rise to the choice of the project execution thread for YODEZEEN architects.

The concept of the apartment
Apartment of 252 m² is located on the single level of the 21st floor and consists of a combined living and dining area, 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The living room windows open a mesmerizing view of the Motherland Monument, one of the highest monuments in Europe.

“We adhered to the principle: less is more. We created a clean interior, contemporary finishing details, natural materials and custom furniture. This apartment is a gestalt of architectural directions of the entire historic district”, – Artem Zverev and Artem Voskoboinyk, the lead project architects, said.
Apartment was created for a young man of sophisticated taste, a person with his own understanding of aesthetics, collector enamored with Ukrainian Art. Design concept of the apartment combines nude shades with glass partitions made of graphite glass, natural stone with brass, and custom elements, developed in only one copy. Thus, every element creates a unique understanding of modern living by the YODEZEEN team.

Area: 252 sq m
Date: July 2020
The team: Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, Artem Voskoboinyk, Anya Tarabanova, Olga Kravchenko

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