Candy Project by MUZA

Varicolored, playful, and at the same time elegant – this is the Candy project by MUZA, unique and full of life! Located in the center of Pristina, this apartment has an area of 123 m2. This project is designed for a family of four members, with a lot of passion for art and beauty.


The concept we wanted to combine in this project is simple; many colors and many shapes, functional space and open communication. From the moment you step inside, the whole apartment is there, the kitchen, the bar and the dining table opposite, while on the side is the living space. The fireplace with a nice bookcase next door, is the only dividing element in the whole space, which at the same time gets all the attention. Covered with white square tiles with a highlighted yellow joint, there is no way not to be the main decor. The paintings are works made by the girl, and with their simplicity they decorate the environment even more. As always, each element is designed and realized especially for this apartment. The dining table, made of 100% oak, with its aesthetic legs and irregularly shaped forehead, gives you so much warmth that makes it impossible to resist not sitting down and enjoying the view. The moment you sit down, what catches your eye the most is definitely the concrete wall covered with handicrafts, fanatically preserved by the client, as a memory from her mother. This definitely adds originality to the environment and has a story within it.
Studio: MUZA
Year: 2020
Location: Pristine, Kosovo
Photography: Courtesy of MUZA

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