Venecia 20 by Inca Hernández

Venecia 20 is a project designed by Inca Hernández. “Ruin never dies because it can be reborn and merged again with its surroundings.
The resilience of time in human beings in these difficult times has led to the transformation of architecture and our foundations as a society. How is housing currently perceived after the events of this year? Our home has the ability to be multisensory and to be multidisciplinary; it has led us to rethink new alternatives from our windows and a new perception of the city. This idea is part of the concept of V20 and how it leads us to reflect on identity from the family, neighborhood and community.” Visualization by Studio Navarro


The project pretends to integrate three different architectural eras: the Porfiriato, the Mexican modernism and the contemporaneity. Both past and present, can be perceived at the interiors, achieving a new life through the recovery of the ruin. The introspective spaces work for the new meaning of “Family” in the new generations of young people who conceive the home as an art studio, office and room through isolation and a connection between light and silence.

The interior develops an organic minimalism working through bright and pure spaces with the intention of generating calm and giving the ability to perceive the city from the windows and to be connected from home. The main patio is a tribute to the architecture of the neighborhood and its historical evolution to modernity through catenary arches honoring the universal legacy of Gaudi, these start with a stereotomic structure to transform into a light and tectonic form. The project is located in an area dedicated to the young life of the city, creating new ways of living for new generations.

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