Apartment by Patrícia Martinez

This project was designed by Patrícia Martinez so that a family can spend more time together. The owner is a married man with two children, his family lives in Brasília and he spends most of the week in São Paulo, on business. In the same complex where the brasiliense office is located, there is a tower with the apartment. In order to escape the feeling of provisional, the businessman bought the property so that he had a place to feel at home and also to receive the family, who always come to visit him. Photography by Salvador Cordaro.


One of the owner’s requests was that the apartment be extremely cozy, so the wood predominates the finishes of Florense’s furniture. The proposal is for a central box that mimics the other environments, the doors to the two bedrooms, the central area and the toilet. Each of the bedrooms is adjacent to the living room and in the central area is the gourmet kitchen. This kitchen is an affective environment of the house, all objects were handpicked by the couple, such as the kitchen cabinets, which have glass shelves above the countertop and the island, both from the Florense brand.

Partnership between Patrícia Martinez and Florense shows that elegance and sophistication go hand in hand

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