Apartment by Suzana Azevedo

Bespoke joinery optimizes space in a 30 m² apartment Project in Juiz de Fora is signed by architect Suzana Azevedo. As the city of Juiz de Fora (MG) is a university, the intention of the owners of this 31.60 m² apartment was to transform the property into a studio that would suit different types of residents and could be rented for different age groups.


The architect Suzana Azevedo then took advantage of bespoke joinery to sector the environments (leisure, work, meals and rest) and created a neutral and modern décor in shades of white, wood, black and blue. A partition in metalwork and corrugated glass separates the kitchen, but without blocking the natural lighting. The demand for storage space was solved with a large closet on the largest wall of the studio, which will be able to house clothes, shoes, bedding, office and cleaning items. Behind the sofa bed, the joinery that serves as a chest for pillows and comforters extends on the side, also turning into a bedside table. At the entrance to the apartment, a bench acts as a shoe rack and is accompanied by a full length mirror and coat hooks. Photos: Bruno Meneghitti Production: José Leonardo Afonso

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