Apartment RJ by RUA 141 + Zalc Arquitetura

The second home of a family from Acre, Apartamento RJ, with a project by Rua 141 Arquitetura + Rafael Zalc, has the premise of welcoming its residents when they are in the city. São Paulo, the 70m² property underwent a renovation that ensured new use of the spaces and the inclusion of furniture and objects that are co-protagonists of the project, valuing national design. Photography by Nathalie Artaxo.


A bold atmosphere was created with sophisticated details. The room was integrated into the terrace to make the social area more spacious and the same cement floor was used to provide this uniformity. The linear kitchen is open to the living room, where a language was created that suited this space and conversed with the furniture. At the entrance of the apartment, the laundry room and the service area were allocated, which are hidden by the large wooden panels. In this way, it was possible to optimize uses and maintain the same language created for the social area. On the opposite wall of the wardrobe, a jigsaw puzzle was created on the panel covered with fabric, which continues on the TV wall. In this way, a cozy space was developed that contrasts with the cement tiled floor.

Architecture I Rua 141 Arquitetura + Rafael Zalc
Area I 70m2
Location I São Paulo
Year I 2018
Photography I Nathalie Artaxo

Stripes Sofa – Prototype
Nino Table – Prototype
Boobmer Chair – Prototype
Sittable Banch – Prototype
Trevo Armchair – Prototype
Equilíbrio Table – RUA 141
Sittable Chair – Prototype
Ângulo Chandelier – Paulo Goldstein
V3 Vase – Paulo Goldstein
Colher Light fixture – 80e8
Kilim Cleo and Parada SilkSand carpets- Phenicia Concept
Void Candle Holder- Thiago Bicas
Decor: Leo Capote, Dpot Objetos, Galeria Nicoli
Pillows – Codexhome
Bedroom Canva – Galeria Art Shot
Living Room Canva – Victor Affaro
Woodwork – AR marcenaria
Fabric – JRJ tecidos
Bathroom coatings – Cubica – Portobello
Floor Brasília Concreto 60×180 – Portobello

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