Oye Mi Canto House by CplusC Architectural Workshop

Oye Mi Canto House designed by CplusC Architectural Workshop is an alterations and additions project on a terrace-house located in the leafy suburban streets of Sydney’s Newtown, nestled into a narrow site backing onto the Carriageworks cultural precinct. Photography by Murray Fredericks.


While retaining the heritage-significant street facing façade and front bedroom, by extending the rear building line and introducing an internal courtyard, the house has been systematically transformed into three pavilions.

The bedroom and bathroom front pavilion is made up by four modest bedrooms and two bathrooms and sits beneath the existing gable roof form of the home, with an extension to the first floor providing the spatial relief needed for the young family of five to be able to live comfortably as the children grow older and gain independence.

An internal courtyard lush with vegetation separates the more traditional private-space pavilion from the shared living space pavilion, with a hallway connection providing access to both pavilions as well as the courtyard space. The courtyard provides both a vital burst of natural light to the centre of the site as well as screening windows to the neighbour’s home through native Australian vegetation. Living, Dining and Kitchen spaces are integrated to this second pavilion beneath the striking skillion roof, making efficient use of the tight floor space.

The third pavilion stands alone at the rear of the site, but through form, material and proportion is inherently linked to the new living pavilion. Functioning as an open-air artists’ studio as well as an covered outdoor space, this Art Shed becomes a conduit for both creativity and entertaining for the family.

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