Rottmannsboden_Duplex by KOHLERSTRAUMANN

Situated in a moderately busy street of a calm neighborhood in Binningen – Switzerland, an exquisite semi-detached house is well integrated into a pleasant environment of single and multi-family houses. The project designed by KOHLERSTRAUMANN aimed to integrate two distinct users of double housing into one building. As a result, the form of the building reflects the unique design of two different users accommodated in a single house structure that fulfills the needs of both the users. The house forms a part of a diverse hub of public amenities with schools, commercial shopping facilities, and public transportation located in closer proximity for the users to access conveniently. Photography by Maris Mezulis.


Building on terrain is one of the prime challenges faced by the architect while designing this project. To meet the challenge of constructing on existing topographical site conditions and adhering to legal provisions, the building was separated into series of volumes and a split level was integrated into the main part of the building. Accordingly, the volumes created spaces that attained optimum room heights with efficient usage for all spaces within the house inducing interest and character. This solution to the topographic situation of the house offers an innovative design environment with the skilled arrangement of rooms and spaces that meets the needs of the residents.

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