S5-The house with a ribbon envelope

Raz Melamed – Hod Hasharon 5S. A thin black iron ribbon envelops the house in Hod Hasharon, embodying the gift that its owners return to every time they come home. The house was designed for a refined couple and their 3 children, who came to the project equipped with knowledge about innovations and construction technologies coupled with a vision for a unique design that spawned a fruitful dialogue with the architect. Photography by Amit Geron


In this 500-square-meter plot, architect Raz Melamed plays masses and transparencies which hide behind meticulous architecture and an interesting and harmonious combination of materials.
The front façade is almost completely sealed off to the street, and apart from a long stairway window that lets in light it maintains the occupants ’privacy. At the same time, Melamed’s intention was to create maximum transparency for the public space, so the other 3 facades open to the garden. Together, this forms an internal-external connection with large glass opening that create the illusion that the living floor, designed as a white opaque cube, floats in the air. The top developers incorporated refined iron reductions that both produce a sense of grandeur alongside privacy, meanwhile producing a continuous architectural language. Black iron runs as the second thread creating continuity of architectural element on all facades, openings and the parking lot. It is as if precisely its thinness, framed by openings and masses, is the actor that emphasizes the house’s contours and makes it both light and powerful.
The entrance gate opens to rows of large sidewalks surrounded by flourishing trees that produce a long and dramatic walk to the black door. The interior of the house displays the concept of the architect who believes in presenting materials in their natural state by using walnut wood, black iron, stone and clear glass. In this project, Melamed chose rather to use polished material, not in their raw state, to emphasize warmth and a sense of home alongside a modern and clean line.

Lighting – FLOS
Garden lighting – LIGHTIN LTD.
Furniture, closet: Habitat
Kitchen – POLIFORM by Habitat
Furniture – B&B THE BOX
Kitchen chairs – Eames
Kitchen table – Rimadesio

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