Gingerbread House by Carter Williamson Architects

Gingerbread House is a project designed by Carter Williamson Architects. From the street, it seems nothing much has changed, as the Gingerbread House takes on its existing street facade composition and gable roof. Unlike its’ neighbouring counterparts on the street, the Gingerbread House has a strong street presence protruding forward with its face to the sidewalk. Photography by Ben Guthrie.


The house lends its name from its past quaint aesthetic, reminiscent of the story of Hansel and Gretel. The brief was to preserve the fairytale-like charm whilst giving the house new life, a light-filled spacious home suitable for a young and growing family. This playfulness was achieved through the exploration of the material palette and detailing.
Upon entering off the street, the white-painted timber door and greeting by the hexagon tiled door mat speak to the idyllic picket fences and tiled porches of the terrace houses along the street. The existing painted brick walls are continued along the length of the house, holding up the timber ceiling and exposed rafters allowing the structure to be read, providing a sense of solidarity while the textures give warmth.
Movement through the house was simplified through a reconfiguration of spaces. By creating a circulation spine along the north wall, and consolidating the living spaces into an open plan that
unfolds via a large pivot door onto the levelled garden and terrace over the garage, the garden acts as a flexible, extended living space, safe and comfortable for kids to play.

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