Cedofeita by Meireles Arquitectos

Cedofeita is a project designed by Meireles Arquitectos. The main purpose of the intervention was to maintain the existing building, providing it with the necessary elements to give it new habitability. To achieve all the goals of the intervention, it was proposed to do a full renovation, where demolitions of degraded elements were carried out throughout the interior, and distinctive building elements were recovered/replaced. photography by João Morgado.


The last floor was enlarged, adjusting to the width of the main façade. On the rear façade all the late elements built on the balconies were demolished to restore the original composition.
The expansion and alteration intended to enhance the existing façades, keeping the skylight, quintessential of the historical centre of Porto.
The entire structure of the existing floors was harnessed, treated and reinforced, ensuring a correct structural performance. The roof structure was redesigned, as the stairwell. The interior divisions are minimal, existing only to separate the various spaces (rooms, bedrooms and toilets). In the first floor were projected mezzanines and some existing elements were recovered (fireplace and shutters).
The existing stone of the façades was washed and the blue tiles were recovered and some were replaced, the railings were replicated and the window frames replaced.
In the exterior was built an outbuilding to support the commercial unit, and the premises of the existing elements (path, granite tank, garden) were maintained.

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