Cacupé House by Studiocolnaghi

Among a mesmerizing view, Cacupé House designed by Studiocolnaghi is located, as its name suggests, in Cacupe – Florianopólis, Brazil, at a residential complex. The Studiocolnaghi was responsible for the interior design Project, which aims to integrate architecture elements to interior design solutions. Photography by Vinícius Ferzeli.


Between the main elements, there are wood, stone along with other neutral colour materialities, looking for na authentic and timeless result. The silver travertine slab is a surprise element.
The bedrooms follow ludic design, which one has elements that identify child’s age. One if the bedrooms has bluish tones along with diferent height plans and furnitures, that enables the child explore his own room. The other room is Montessori design, with light colors.
In the living space, there is a well integrated design, along with living, dining and kitchen. The vertical wood elements is a masterpiece design, with the wood ceiling, there is view that is set to a highlight role.

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