Serene Scandifornian by Sarah Barnard Design

This soothing and serene home, designed by Sarah Barnard, was created to be an ocean-inspired, natural environment for a family to grow together. By using all-natural, non-toxic materials and incorporating oceanic references within this seaside home, the designer created an airy, safe space for this family to spend time with each other. Photography by Steven Dewall.


Upon entering the home, the homeowners and guests of the family are welcomed by a centering display of a collection of artifacts meant to inspire, protect, and enlighten. The pieces sit atop a delicate, handmade table by William Stranger. The space is softly illuminated by delicate wall sconces inspired by a piece of coral.

The living room features a concrete fireplace with linear etchings that reference undulating ocean waves that were customized by the designer for the homeowner. This fireplace is the perfect location for the family to display some of their carefully curated collection of stones and minerals. The remainder of their collection sits atop the intricately joined, live edge living room coffee table, where agate slices and ammonites are accented by an array of rose and lavender thistles. The adjacent non-toxic sofa created from all-natural materials is the perfect spot for the family and their pup to gather around the fireplace. Brightly colored floor cushions crafted from natural fibers, including wool and linen, allow for a healthful and flexible seating arrangement in the space.

The dining room features large windows that bathe the space in natural light, and the room was designed with the intention to preserve that soft and airy feeling. The custom tile fireplace surround and unique paintings by Louise Lebourgeois give character to the neutral space, while the slimly-silhouetted natural wood dining chairs complement the sense of weightlessness emitting from the glowing chandelier above the table.

Custom-designed and intricately crafted lighting elements can be found all around the home. From the hand-carved American Walnut sconces inspired by the Fungia Coral of the Indio-Pacific Ocean to the bespoke orb dining room wall sconces created with softness in mind, designer Sarah Barnard worked closely with local artisans to create a variety of functional and captivating lighting fixtures.

The kitchen is a seamless blend of traditional and contemporary styles, creating the perfect setting for a modern family to gather together. The designer chose to preserve the existing fiery, red brick wall and contrast it with the calming blue tones of the locally-made cabinetry. The space is modernized through the incorporation of environmentally friendly LED recessed lighting and the installation of a highly functional and aesthetically streamlined stainless steel sink. The kitchen, counter-side office nook, and adjacent pantry all feature quartz countertops with flecks of real seashells that bring brightness to the space as they reflect light. This pantry is a favorite of the homeowner’s young child, as they are able to store the array of drawing and crafting supplies they use to create the artwork proudly displayed on the family refrigerator.

The sense of serenity felt throughout the primary living spaces carries over to the home’s bathrooms, as the guest bathroom features cream-colored pebble flooring and a sleek white sink atop a milky onyx countertop. In the child’s bathroom, oceanic blue ceramic tile and a bubble-like wall sconce create an effervescent and youthful aesthetic. The soaking tub echos the orb and oval forms seen elsewhere in the home, while the seashell-infused quartz countertop complements the oceanside location of the home.

The most vibrant room in the house is the playroom – a dream space for any child to use their imagination. Designer Sarah Barnard brought whimsy into the room through the use of delicate floral light fixtures and a bedside table to display a collection of treasures.

This residence is a testament to the notion that by creating a safe and welcoming home for a family, the space will allow each member’s personality to shine through.

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