A Home Combines Light with Vitality by XIGO STUDIO

At the beginning of designing the scheme, XIGO STUDIO thought about the origin of housing design, and hoped to create a more mobile and closer space while sorting out the movement relationship between human and space. By studying the basic forms in nature, the design team made the design full of imagination and power. Taking “Atom” as the conceptual demo of the project, they extended the physical model of this smallest particle to the design transformation of this project. The designers abstracted the structural form of atom, and transformed it in space and plane so as to show the purity and nature of the space form through the material origin of physical aspect. Photography by Li Ming.


The apartment owner is a family of three, who has very high requirements on living sanitation and storage condition, and hopes to have a simple space form while maintaining the integrity of the space. With the area of 188 square meters, the original structure has well-regulated “dynamic and static zones”. After the wall partition of the kitchen is dismantled, the public area presents as a complete space structure that is transparent and open. With such an open and large house type, there should be more design possibilities.

After reconstruction, the plane still remained the basic pattern of three-bedroom. However, XIGO STUDIO rearranged the space of the public areas, reframed the structural relationships of different rooms, and endowed the originally single “box body” with a space sequence with progressive changes. Meanwhile, they focused on the construction of space form, promoted the function through form, and developed a dependency relation full of connectivity so that the habitants can have rich space experience when they live there.

Project Information
Project Name: Origin Realm
Project Type: Apartment
Project Address: Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing City
Building Area: 188 square meters
Design Company: XIGO STUDIO
E-mail: xigo_studio@126.com
Chief Designers: Liu Yang, Zhang Yixin
Scheme Deepening Design: Wang Dan
Design Period: July 2019 – June 2021
Completion of Construction: April 2022
Copywriter and Editor: Liu Yang, Yu Shuijiao
Photo credit: Li Ming
Academic Adviser: Zhu Li
Construction Foreman: Zhu Xingui
Materials: Gobbetto Resin, Jotun Paint, Delfone Rock Beam, and Enjoywood Floor
Furniture: BUCHUAN LIFE ยท Kitchen & Armoire, Siloni Casa, Collectie Vintage Furniture

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