Wilston House by Wrightson Stewart

Wrightson Stewart’s Wilston Project was designed by Wrightson Stewart as an extension to a 4 room cottage in Wilston, Brisbane which aimed to maximize the use of the double-block, while using the existing structure to help generate a new spatial relationship between the master’s suite and the other bedrooms. The design presents a clean, contemporary building with bold formal gestures that partially sit within the footprint of the existing residence. Following the Client’s brief, the new additions aim to take advantage of natural light by creating a number of unique apertures towards chosen aspects of the park and surrounds. Photography by Kylie Hood


The interior consists of custom designed joinery and built in furniture.

The aim of this is to create a compact spatial layout that maximises functionality throughout day to day activities.

All aspects of the Client’s lifestyle were considered when designing the custom joinery, even reinventing the kick as a book-shelf concept to house (and feature) their large book collection.

The palette also works to draw the exterior view into the interior.

While the extension is striking in contrast to the existing cottage, Wrightson Stewart’s design draws upon quintessential elements of a Queenslander to create a harmonious relationship between the two.

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