Casa Coloridices by Marco Antonio Medeiros

Casa Coloridices by Marco Antonio Medeiros. “To travel, just exist”. The excerpt from the Book of Disquiet, by Fernando Pessoa, illustrates the spirit of Débora Salvadori and Rogério Gomes, a couple who love to visit different places and bring good memories in their suitcase. But keeping them in the luggage was not enough. They wanted to immortalize them in the corner that always welcomes them back: their home.
That’s why they asked the architect Marco Antonio Medeiros, responsible for the interior design, to include a little of what they have experienced around the world in the decoration of the spaces. “They wanted a playful place, full of affective memories, warmth, lots of color and natural light”, explains the professional.


A very striking example is the set of stools in the kitchen, covered with the fabric of a tablecloth brought from Peru. In the living room, the cushions are highlighted, made with clothes from the owner’s collection, all by Gucci – the wallpaper is also by the Italian brand. David Bowie, the couple’s favorite composer, brings the hall to life in an intervention by artist Milla Machado.

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