Villa Look by M3H Architects

M3H has made a design for a villa in Amstelveen. Villa Look is a sculptural detached villa with a beige-white brick facade. The design is in keeping with the (existing) homes in the area. Photography by M3H Architects.


Individual lots have been issued by the municipality on a plot of a former school on the mayor Haspellaan in Amstelveen. The free building plots on Burgemeester Haspelslaan have a surface area ranging from approximately 671 m² to 940 m².

The detached villa has two floors, with a base of fifteen by fifteen meters. We have chosen to design the sides of the house differently. The street side is more subdued and the building is more sculptural on the garden side.

The differences are clearly visible on both sides. Villa Look manifests itself on the street side as a brick volume with long horizontal window openings with an awning at the entrance. On the garden side, the house transforms into a brick grid of columns and beams. The openings that arise in the brick volume mark the places where the inner and outer worlds meet. They are outdoor rooms that form a transitional space between the living room, the kitchen and the garden.

Villa Look, the sculptural villa, has a beige-white brick facade. Striking in the design are the grid of white-grey bricks baked from Westerwalder clay, the surfaces filled with wooden slats and the generous windows.

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