Keeping it Local by Studio Dulu

Keeping it Local is a project designed by Studio Dulu. This young family has decided to upgrade their lifestyle in a new dream home, whilst staying loyal to the same north Tel Aviv neighborhood in which they have lived for many years. The owners limited their property search to a few neighboring streets and ended up purchasing their dream home in the form of a triplex apartment. Photography by @Verbalit


This young family, a couple and their three children, have lived in the same neighborhood in north Tel Aviv for many years. The neighborhood is home to apartment buildings interconnected by green spaces, it is close to the beachfront, has good access to primary routes, and enjoys a very rich community life. When the owners decided to make their dream come true and move to an apartment with a rooftop terrace, their preference was to stay locally and so their property search focused on the streets surrounding their existing property at the time.
The owners chose Studio Dulu to plan and design their newly purchased triplex apartment, located on the 12th floor of an old 13-story building.

The space’s characteristics were evident from the design team’s first visit to the property, primarily the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea to the west and the urban Tel Aviv skyline to the south.
In its original layout, the apartment was partitioned into many small rooms reminiscent of a labyrinth. Curved and diagonal spaces, dictated by the architectural shape of the building, posed a challenge for the designers that wished to conceal these and create clean square spaces. “During our first visit to the property, we walked around and absorbed its atmosphere. We visualized ways in which we could redesign the existing spaces so that they perfectly met our clients’ needs”, recalls interior designer and studio owner Adi Klein.

Prior to the planning stage, the designers ran a series of discovery meetings with the clients who emphasized their desire for a practical, clean, and well-organized home. They wanted the new design to support their lifestyle and allow them to maintain order with a focus on ample storage. The designers factored the clients’ requests into the creative process and provided them with three alternatives. The plan that was chosen was the one that most practically suited the clients’ lifestyle approach. “It is incredibly rewarding to work with clients that have a clear vision. The clearer the client is, the easier it is for us to create the optimal solution for them. The result, on this occasion, was a cozy and minimalist apartment”, says Klein.

The owners love to entertain and do so frequently. In the meetings with the Studio’s design team, the clients shared information about their socializing preferences: extended family, families with children of similar ages to theirs, and entertaining other couples in the evenings. The clients expressed their desire to have multiple seating areas around the entrance level and rooftop that would be practical for a variety of formal and informal entertaining yet rejected the idea of a traditional dining area.

The clients preferred to have a spacious kitchen for cooking, with a spacious island in its center that would serve as an informal daily dining area as well as an entertaining area. An additional dining area was planned on the roof terrace adjacent to the kitchen, which can be enjoyed throughout most of the year, thanks to the Mediterranean climate.

The owners, who love to cook and bake, spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen. As such, all the kitchen tools and equipment were designed to be easily accessible, whilst ensuring the space was kept uncluttered and tidy.
The kitchen extends towards the balcony and includes two cupboard units; one low unit facing west and one tall unit fitted against the southern wall. Two doors in the tall unit can be closed to conceal the various kitchen appliances, maintaining a tidy appearance.
The 3.6m long island includes a set of narrow drawers on one side, whilst the rest of the space is dedicated to seating and can accommodate up to eight diners. The worktop is fitted with an invisible induction cooktop, allowing it to be used as a workspace when the cooktop is not in use.

Planning and design: Studio Dulu
Project type: Tel-Aviv triplex apartment
Owners: A couple + 3 children
Landscape architecture: Kfir Fisher
Kitchen: Habitat Israel
Sanitary product: Mody
Lighting: Yair Doram
Styling and photography: @Verbalit

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