FLAT BLANC by Studio Bomb

Flat Blanc by Studio Bomb is a minimal home located in Bangalore, India designed by Studio Bomb. It has been designed intended to be a source of inspiration, where kaleidoscopes of atmospheres are woven to create a surreal experience. The palette sets the narrative, sophistication with materials and simplicity with form. Photography by Arjun Krishna.


The space is composed of three main zones, the private, the social and the ancillary. At the core of the house, two distinct volumes call for an assembly for the composition of the space;
The living room features a tinted glass embedded system, creating permeability and lightness which enhances the interior. The room has been styled with a foggy grey colored sofa and a pair of neutral-leather chairs and a coffee table made of Napa hide which sits upon a textured rug.
The dining room features a system of gridded metal shelving against oak with a theatrical staging of objects and art by city artist Saranya Kallutla pays homage to the space. At the center of the space stands a customized dining table with natural stone providing a delicate balance between material and form, all walls and ceiling are painted in the same color to create a calm and relaxing environment.
In order to create the right atmosphere, a restrained material palette of natural oak, mild nuanced shades of delicate nude, veined marble, soft lighting, create enrichment and harmony in perfect relation to bring in boundless optimism.

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