Modest Family Home by NVA interior design

“Cheeky concept with subdued color palette” JMW architects and NVA interior design have realized the Modest Family Home in the center of Vlijmen. With a modest appearance on the facade, the house blends in with the surrounding village character. However, the new layout ensures optimal use of light and space. Photography by René de Wit.


The house has been designed to have an understated and modest family character, but also to provide space for warmth, luxury and quality.
The walk-in bookcase ensures that you only see the interior of the books when the bookcase is closed. In this custom bookcase there is room for man, but the whole fi ts in with the light and neutral color palette. A custom piece of furniture that stands out without being overpowering.
The house is designed for a family of 5 people. The kitchen is a place for the whole family, there is always a pleasant bustle. The robust cooking island creates a contrast in the neutral color palette. The kitchen island is equipped with ‘left over’ pieces of natural stone to add more structure and contrast.
In the house there are two different volumes with separate areas and functions. The long sight lines provide a strong visual connection. Large pivot doors physically connect the volumes between the living room, bedroom and entrance.
Luxurious materials have been used in a subdued color palette. These qualities are also extended to the bedroom and home offi ce.
The cloakroom and toilet are accentuated with a graphic character and a unique experience through the use of different materials.
The architecture on the street side blends seamlessly into the village character of Brabant by using a typological language of form. However, the fl oor plan with patio fi ts in with an open and modern architecture.

– Interior design NVA interior design
– Architecture JMW architects
– Client Private
– Floor area 250 m2
– Completion October 2022
– Location Vlijmen, NL
– Photography René de Wit


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