Casa Guaimbê by Schuchovski Arquitetura

The design of Casa Guaimbê by Schuchovski Arquitetura seeks to enhance the views of the private garden as well as the city. The land is located on a steep slope, with neighbors on both sides. The orthogonal character sought to orient the openings to the main view, guaranteeing privacy for the house. This way, we managed to create a large free area for the garden and swimming pool, taking advantage of the sunniest orientation. Photography by Eduardo Macarios.


The integration with the place and the analysis of the topography guided the creation of the orthogonal volume in L that constitutes the main volumetry. Prioritizing the establishment of a tectonic relationship with the place, the axis created from the main facade runs through the kitchen, dining room, living room and home theater. With an extensive program of leisure areas, the main volume expands into the land and divides the gourmet space, which runs through the garden and pool. Aligned with the void of the pool is a small pavilion of the residents’ private gym. Sliding and transparent glass plane framed by a minimalist frame contribute to re-signifying concepts of “inside” and “outside”. In particular, the social area of the residence offers a spectacular view of the garden.

The distribution of the flow of the social and intimate area is arranged by a sculptural staircase, which allows access from the upper volume to the lower hall. On the upper floor, intimate areas of the program were allocated: guest bedroom and cinema on one side and connected by a walkway that runs through the ground floor void, the son’s suites and master suite. One of the highlights is the dramatic balance created by the volume where the main suite of the residence is located, which advances over the land and is accentuated by the extension of the eaves. This programmatic distribution sought to give greater freedom to the main floor of the residence, so that these environments were not directly linked to the social area of the house or the family’s private área.

Indeed, it is important to emphasize the refined plastic treatment given to the panels that cover almost all the glass planes on the second floor. Muxarabi panels cover some of the glass planes, moulded by a mesh with a modular design, working as light filters and offering privacy for the intimate area. This solution allows adequate control of natural lighting, in addition, to providing dynamism, versatility and uniqueness to the composition of the facade. The silver travertine marble, lining and freijó wood panels were the base materials, providing unity to the project. The wood plays a leading role in the development of the project, allowing the configuration of a contemporary spatial concept. Providing the integration of external and internal areas, the lining crosses the glass planes and also covers the flaps. To create a counterpoint of finishes, the floor of the intimate area was made in tauari while the joinery, lining and slats were designed in freijó. The area around the pool has been paved with cement boards between grass spaces.

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