Mermaid Quay House by Type Architecture

Mermaid Quay House is a project designed by Type Architecture. Calmly sitting at the tranquil water’s edge in Noosa, the Mermaid Quay House is at its heart a family retreat that balances leisure, relaxation and the thrill of a weekend escape. Photography by Mitchell Kemp.


The lines between private and public are clearly divided between the ground and upper floor. Embodying a feeling of expansive, cool materiality with a balance of warm, refined details, the ground floor features ample living, dining and kitchen spaces for friends and family to lounge and enjoy the river view. A grand 6m high hallway connects the river through to the street and allows for natural breezes to flow through the home. The principal bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the upper floor, arranged to create a private retreat through the careful curating of view angles and translucent glazing, along with the use of adjustable curtains and screens all while maximizing outlooks to the river.

The Architecture and Interior Design brings to fruition a contemporary approach that is balanced with softer textures and tones through the use of timber and stone in key locations. The end result is a space that is elegant, timeless and comfortable.

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