Ibañez-Concha House by elton_léniz arquitectos

Ibañez-Concha House by elton_léniz arquitectos. The design of this single-family house is part of a private condominium of two family groups that together developed a development of 17 plots of land of between 650- 750 m2. Each family could develop their own project within the framework of the condominium regulations. Photography by Marcos Mendizabal.


Four families (all young) entrusted us with their projects. Although the programmes had many similarities in the description of the enclosures and their relationships, it was the identity of their imaginaries where the most radical differences appeared.
In this particular house it was the use of material that was the direct translation of the architectural language of the object. The use of brick as the predominant material was an initial decision that informed the project throughout its development. Handmade brick was chosen for its tectonic expression, its colour and constructive possibilities.
In the final volumetry, brick resolves a large part of the envelopes including the development of lattices as a filter of light and privacy, as well as geometric reliefs to accentuate light and shadow.
The brick and its craftsmanship are part of a constructive tradition inherited from adobe, with objective properties of economy, expression and duration over time.

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