FME by Gilda Meirelles Arquitetura

FME is a projrct designed by Gilda Meirelles Arquitetura. Located in the Ana Carolina Residential Condominium, in Itatiba (SP), the FME Residence, a project of Gilda Meirelles Arquitetura, is the weekend destination for a couple and their children. The desire of the clients was for a house focused on family leisure, which balanced modernity and warmth. Photography by Evellyn Muller.

The solution found by the architecture team went mainly through contemporary concepts, such as integration of environments and choice of stripped-down finishes. The result comes in straight volumes, with generous eaves and large glass cloths, which bring the green of landscaping to the indoor environments. Materials such as natural stones and earthy colors also contribute to the harmonious integration of the house into the countryside environment.
Right at the entrance, the living room with double height gives the dimension of the project, with integrated environments and interesting viewing angles to the eye. The transition is subtle to the kitchen, which makes this social space flexible and functional. The living room also connects to the outdoor area, where the pool occupies much of the land. Advancing towards the internal space, the lane composes with a fountain on the side wall, highlighting again the double ceiling. On the second floor are suites and private areas.
The uphill terrain, which initially presented itself as the main challenge of the project, became an asset. Positioned at the highest point and with the glass closures, the house had its environments used as “lookouts” for the natural landscape of the surroundings. In addition, it was a solution for garage and technical area. Once these spaces were positioned underground, the possibility was created for total occupation of the land by the extensive program. In all, there are 850 m² built on 1,500 m² of land.
Landscaping was another important tool for the identity of the residence. Signed by Alex Hanazaki, it was designed to “dress” the building in green: it incorporates the gardeners and pergola of the upper floor, and creates the terraces of plants on the back slope.

Project name: FME
Architecture Office: Gilda Meirelles Arquitetura
Place: Itatiba, SP
Constructed Area: 850m2
Land area: 1500m2
Photo: Evellyn Muller
Interior design: Sandra Rodrigues
Project start year: 2017
End year: 2018
Landscaping: Alex Hanazaki
Civil Engineer: Mikhail
Structural Engineer: Engecalc
Environmental engineer: Guimaro & associados
Lighting: Light Lab
Construction: Mikhail
Materials: wood, concrete, steel, stone, marble, porcelain

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