Daily Archives: September 12, 2023

Mezzanina Cabin by Arce&Westermeier Arquitectos

The project designed by Arce&Westermeier Arquitectos is located in the northern sector of the commune of Valdivia, Los Rios Region (Chile), immersed in an evergreen vegetation that together with a strong rainy climate characterizes the so-called Valdivian Rainforest. The commission originally consisted of a small shelter of 45 square meters, adjacent to the main house of the property. The volume is specifically inserted in a sloping area within the property, gaining a height through piles that seek panoramic views of the area, specifically towards the west, where the Calle-Calle River is located. The project materializes this search through a completely glazed face, this visual escape is built through a curtain wall of almost six meters long, thus achieving an accentuated friction between the domestic interior and the wild exterior. Photography by Nico Saieh.

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