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Rikas is home to a lively young couple and two children. From the very initial stages, the concept revolved around purity and boldness in design. The form of the building is essentially a reaction to the site on which it is situated, whereas the interiors were the tool used to bridge the gap between the aesthetic and function of the different spaces within the building. Photography by 3DM ARCHITECTURE.

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Overlooking the Sea by Rema Architects

Overlooking the Sea is a project designed by Rema Architects. The luxurious 150 sqm penthouse with a 150 sqm balcony in Ashdod, Israel, was purchased by the couple in their 30s, while still living in one of the lower floor apartments in the building, looking to upgrade. The couple wanted an upgrade to a fun home to raise their family, host guests, and of course a pool, which is a significant upgrade. Photography by Idan Saidi.

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Wallingford by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

Set in a dense Seattle neighborhood, this urban infill residence designed by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects sits on a tight lot that slopes down from the street. The 3,300 square foot home for a family of five is carefully composed to navigate all constraints of the urban lot. The home is a composition of closed and open spaces that maintain privacy from adjacent neighbors and the street while opening to light and views of the surrounding natural environment. Photography by Andrew Pogue Photography.


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Bighorn by Whipple Russell Architects

This project designed by Whipple Russell Architects was built adjacent to the Mountain Course in the Bighorn Golf Club, Palm Desert, California, in the foothills of the Santa Rosa Mountains. The design of the central living space has formed a theatrical proscenium, framing the desertscape scene of mountains, trees, and sky. Photography by William MacCollum.

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Tree View House by Neil Dusheiko Architects

Tree View House was formerly a fairly plain bungalow at the end of a cul-de-sac, however, following a series of thoughtful interventions Neil Dusheiko Architects have imbued the home with references to Delhi and California where the family have previously lived. The additional space helps the home to flexibly respond to the family’s changing needs – while also allowing the most social spaces to merge seamlessly with the rich landscape. Photography by Edmund Sumner, Neil Dusheiko.

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Middle Harbour House by Richard Cole Architecture

Middle Harbour House is a project designed by Richard Cole Architecture. A sculptural response to an exposed corner site overlooking Middle Harbour in Sydney builds on the materiality of the existing sandstone base to create a dramatic and layered form. By careful manipulation of openings the substantial house achieves a balance of privacy and outlook, light and shelter, texture and warmth. Photography by Simon Wood Photography.

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Headland House by Richard Cole Architecture

Headland House designed by Richard Cole Architecture stands on the shale cliffs of Mona Vale Headland. The site and headland slope away to the South West, to the swell formed hollow of Basin Beach. On such an exposed promontory shelter is vital. Photography by Simon Wood Photography.

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house CAROLINE is a project designed by REIGN ARCHITECTS INC. Located in Toronto’s Leslieville nieghbourhood, House Caroline emerges as a contemporary A-framed addition to a historic 1850s Victorian home. What was once a partitioned dim residence has been transformed into an open, warm, and brilliantly illuminated sanctuary for a growing family. Photography by Riley Snelling.

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A LOFT IN THE SUBURBS by Kipseli Architects

A young couple decides to leave the city and migrate to a maisonette in the woods, in the northern suburbs of Athens, in Agios Stefanos. The aim of Kipseli Architects is to facilitate and balance this upcoming move, since the owners’ desire for the renovation of their new home in the woods, was to reflect memories from their lives in the city. Photography by DIMITRIS KLEANTHIS.

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Foamcrest Apartments by Richard Cole Architecture

Foamcrest Apartments is a project designed by Richard Cole Architecture. On a difficult triangular site in the coastal suburb of Newport on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Foamcrest Apartments is a form generated from the unique site. A composition of glazed bricks, off form concrete and sandstone, materials selected for their durability and appropriateness for the ocean side location, the seven apartments are 100% adaptable and differentiated by unique plans. With two prominent street fronts and a central lobby that is open to the sky, the design carefully balances solar access, privacy and outlook. The form emphasises a low profiled horizontality that is generally well below the height limit. The character of the building provides a fresh and contemporary contribution to the locality. Photography by Simon Wood Photography.

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