Daily Archives: March 29, 2024

Wandi Valley Stage 2 by Britt White Studio

Wandi Valley Stage 2 is a project designed by Britt White Studio. Nestled within the serene landscape of a two-acre nut orchard in Wandiligong, just a stone’s throw from Bright in Victoria’s High Country (Australia), the historic farmhouse of Wandi Valley possessed plenty of rustic charm awaiting a transformative touch. While the initial stages of renovation in 2020 infused renewed vibrancy into the guest accommodation wing, the original farmhouse required urgent attention following the discovery of a termite infestation. This urgency ushered in a comprehensive restoration process, where the internal structure was meticulously dismantled to its very foundations, laying bare the earth in certain sections, before undergoing a full reconstruction. Photography by Simon Ferrito.

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