Vacation home in Brazil

With landscaping designed by Rodrigo Oliveira Paisagismo and architectural project by Jacobsen Arquitetura, Residence RN was conceived as a vacation home for a couple, their children, and grandchildren to spend their weekends and holidays. Photography by: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG.


São Paulo, 2024 – The land located in Itaúna, Minas Gerais, sits by a large reservoir and was already enjoyed by the family, who had a construction placed as close to the water’s edge as possible, following the pattern of most houses around.

Using the scenic landscape and vegetation as the premise for the project, the Jacobsen team decided to relocate the house to a new,
higher location, allowing an unobstructed view of the reservoir – previously blocked by trees. A native tree, Vinhático species, which previously stood behind the existing construction, was given a prominent place, being repositioned in the center of the plot,
so that the house could be built around it.

While open to new possibilities, the owners wanted to reuse a large part of the existing plants, which were relocated according to the project’s needs, and requested easy maintenance solutions. With the trees preserved, large flowerbeds were created to blend with the surroundings and a spacious, low garden. According to Rodrigo Oliveira, responsible for the project, good landscaping should be created to “frame the nature” already present at the site.

The root level defined the creation of a flat, landscaped area, where the ground floor assumes asymmetrical contours and houses the living rooms, verandas, and, at the back, the bedrooms, ensuring all areas of the house have wide views of the outdoors, and, with the creation of a wooden deck over the canopy of the Vinhático tree, a connection with the garden.

Materials such as granite and freijó wood were used as finishing throughout the residence, reminiscent of a Brazilian farmhouse.

Data Sheet:
Location: Minas Gerais – Brazil
Architects: Jacobsen Arquitetura

Project Team:
Paulo Jacobsen, Bernardo Jacobsen, Edgar Murata, Marcelo Vessoni, Christian Rojas, Daniel Arce, Fábio Fridman, Marcela Guerreiro
Landscaping: Rodrigo Oliveira
Construction: Hauz
Area: 1250m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
City: Itaúna
Country: Brazil

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