39 ARBOLES by Grizzo Studio

This house designed by Grizzo Studio is located in the forest of Caril√≥, in a field full of vegetation, where the sunlight, filtered by the crowns of dozens of trees, stands out on a ground covered with climbers. Our project started from preserving this, the house adapted to the environment, without needing to impose itself, but rather it was intertwined with the trees, and thus it becomes an atrium for contemplation of nature, this house directs us into the forest so that we can let’s experiment. photography by Grizzo Studio.


The house proposes us to explore the forest in two directions, one panoramic crossing the forest lengthwise both inside and outside and another ascending, through glass bridges that connect the middle levels and allow us to understand the forest through each of its strata, from the root to the top of each tree.
When it comes to experiencing it, because it is a beach house, the project offers two paths, the first through the interior of the home, in which from a half-buried entrance hall, the middle levels take us to the entire program of the house. housing ending in a terrace at the height of the treetops, the second path offers to travel outside, first crossing the internal patio and a semi-covered area with a fireplace at the level of the roots of the trees to then reach the garden , swimming pool and gallery of the house.
The materiality of the project was selected not to stand out, to coexist and allow itself to be colonized and transformed by the vegetation and the passage of time.

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