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Hotel La Réserve by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

In exquisite fusion with an extraordinary natural environment, the Hotel-spa La Réserve located in Ramatuelle, France melts into the landscape, the Mediterranean Sea as the unique horizon. Under the talented eye of world-renowned architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the 1970’s building underwent a total metamorphosis.

Hotel La Réserve by Jean-Michel Wilmotte 01

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Salvator Villas & Spa Hotel by Angelos Angelopoulos

Salvator Villas & Spa Hotel is a luxurious 4 star superior boutique hotel in Parga, Greece and was designed by Angelos Angelopoulos in 2010.

Salvator Villas & Spa Hotel by Angelos Angelopoulos 01

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Stone Respect by Dom Arquitectura.

Stone Respect is a house rehabilitation designed by Dom Arquitectura and is located in Noutigos, Carnota, A Coruña, Spain.

Stone Respect by Dom Arquitectura 01

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Chalet Eden, Courchevel, France.

Chalet Eden is a stunning chalet of 254 sqmt in Courchevel, France overall 5 bedrooms/suites, up to 10 occupancy.

Chalet Eden, Courchevel, France 01

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Palazzo Caló by esseelle associati.

Palazzo Caló is a restoration of a building of historical and artistic interest by esseelle associati studio di architettura in 2012 located in the historical center of Bari, Italy.

Palazzo Caló by esseelle associati 01

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Small suite in Rome (Trastevere), Italy

A 410 sq ft. (38 sq m) suite in the heart of the historical quarter of Trastevere. The designers, Sara Cimarelli and Giorgio Opolka, partners in the Archifacturing office, have designed and created a solution for exploiting the available space to the full, enhancing the perception of permeability amongst the environments, while maintaining a clear division of the functional spaces.

03 small suite in Rome (trastevere), Italy