Villa Noal by Panificio Architecture

Design, aesthetic research, and discrete and refined luxury are combined with sustainability and energy savings in this private residence with a pool in the province of Brescia, designed for a family by Andrea Benedetti Architetto, CEO of Panificio Architecture Workshop. The villa was designed according to criteria set by the European nZEB Standard, which stands for Nearly Zero Energy Building. This means that a building has almost zero energy consumption, achieved by the installation of renewable energy systems. PHOTO CREDIT: Eclisse – PH Enrico Dal Zotto.

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Corby House by R ARCHITECTURE ‘Winner’ of 2022 TIDA Australia Architect New Home of the Year’
The inspiration for this project was to design an elegant and sophisticated family home, suitable and flexible for various family dynamics. Whether it’s a young family or a multi, generational family, the concept was to provide a home that was flexible and provided multiple living spaces, enabling people to have their own space as well as come together. Photography by Axiom Photography.

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NEYER HOUSE by Grizzo Studio

“If a straight line is the shortest path between two points, the curve is what makes concrete seek infinity” Oscar Niemeyer

This project is implemented on a two thousand square meter lot in the La Horqueta neighborhood, San Isidro, in a low-scale residential environment with abundant vegetation. In addition to housing, the project has a work space that will be able to receive the public. The challenge was to make both uses coexist while giving them the necessary independence.

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Rickmansworth Residence by Gregory Phillips

Rickmansworth Residence is a project designed by Gregory Phillips. The clients purchased the site with an existing bungalow occupying the plot. The existing house having had little architectural merit. We saw an opportunity to build a new unequivocally contemporary home. The constructed design comprises a 400m2 main house occupying two floors and a distinct garden building of 110m2 which includes an in-door swimming pool. The house is a sleek, stylish and modern 21st century house. With every detail finely honed, the house is a shining example of carefully-considered architecture and precisely-detailed construction. Photography by Nick Tydeman.

A double height hallway design allows the south facing winter sun to be brought into the living spaces at ground floor . This double height glass helps ensure that the use of heating in the winter is minimised and that natural light is plentiful. In the summer, unwanted sun-gains are shaded by the fact the glazing is set back in a deep reveal with an overhang. This deep reveal also helps provide fenestration to the facade and ensure that the double height glazing is less prominent. The central kitchen / living / dining space is the focus of the house.

Within this arrangement the property has achieved an outstanding level of spatial variety and sequence. The route from the entrance passes through a small, dark panelled hallway straight into a double-height, roof-lit atrium before entering the full-width living space and addressing the stunning garden views. This is classic compression-and-release but the effect is not lost on even the initiated.

The materials have been selected to fit a muted palette of greys and soft Scandinavian tones; their texture varying from rough brick through dark stained Western red cedar to polished grey concrete. Detailing is minimal and clinical.

This property deals with the challenge of being a comfortable, luxury family home while accomplishing the client’s sustainable responsibility in an elegant, mature and replicable way.


The home of Moshik Hadida

The home of Moshik Hadida – owner of an architecture and interior design firm, and his family A deliberate combination of masses, dimensions, and volumes, the use of natural materials alongside industrial ones, a monochromatic and precise color palette, and facades that penetrate the building and become an integral part of the internal space are just some of the features of the home designed by Moshik Hadida, owner of a firm specializing in architecture and interior design, for his family. Photography by Oded Smadar

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Palm Hills villa by Miroir Interiors

A very inspiring Villa Designed by Miroir Interiors featuring stunning modern design elements. The Villa is located in one of the most Luxurious Compounds in Cairo- Egypt, Palm hills, with the area of 250 m² and a landscape of 320 m². A two-story Villa with a main challenge of enlarging the reception area on the ground floor to give the feeling of openness and establish a connection with the landscape. Photography by Mina Ashraf.

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River of Life – Curl Curl NSW by Sandbox Studio®

Aptly named after the meaning of the indigenous name of its location, River of Life sits nestled into the established coastline of Curl Curl (derived from the name Curial Curial – i.e. ‘river of life’) and celebrates both an open and connected modern liveability. Surrounded by traditional residential forms, the focus for Sandbox Studio® was to create a relaxed yet elevated sanctuary that was sensitive to the natural setting, while also having its own character. The reference to the double-gable silhouette pays homage to the existing context, reinterpreting the use of timber weatherboard panelling vertically instead of horizontally. The result emphasises the height and scale of the home, and together with a neutral and muted colour palette both internally and externally, an overall lightness elicits calm. Photography by Katherine Lu.

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Pump up the volume by Hobbs Jamieson Architecture

This project designed by Hobbs Jamieson Architecture involved the renovation and extension of a single level suburban cottage. The scope included the replacement of all internal and external surface finishes, new fencing, the introduction of a new entry structure and a refined well scaled rear addition and pool. Photography by Luc Remond.

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VICTORINO by Grizzo Studio

VICTORINO is a project designed by Grizzo Studio. The reform was based on the transformation of a typical chalet in the Núñez neighborhood from the 90s, using the pre-existing as a starting point to create a new spatiality. The house had completely separate rooms, and the view of the garden was blocked by the service. The premise was to generate a free ground floor in which all the family’s uses could coexist. Photography by Federico Kulekdjian.

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P S Joan Apartment by YLAB Architects

P S Joan Apartment is a project designed by YLAB Architects. The project consists of the renovation of a modernist home located in a XIX century apartment building on the central Paseo San Juan in Barcelona. The owners, an Australian couple in love with Barcelona, wanted to renovate the property to establish their residence in Europe. They needed to convert this old flat, in a very poor state of conservation, into a comfortable space where they could host visits from family and friends. Photography by Santiago Garcés e YLAB Arquitectos.

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