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Apartment in Moscow by Kerimov Architects

This Apartment is a project designed by Kerimov Architects, covers an area of 145 sq m and is located in Moscow.

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Apartment in Moscow by Ivan Kachalov

Architect Ivan Kachalov approached the design of an apartment for his own family as an experiment and turned a small space into an innovative design territory. Located in a residential complex Wellton Park apartment of 70 square meters. In addition to a successful location and high-quality architecture, it initially did not stand out: the complicated “L”-shaped plan, the supporting column in the center of the common space did not add either comfort or aesthetics to it. But the architect Ivan Kachalov used the entire arsenal of design and technological solutions, creating an exclusive interior that is not inferior in functionality and ergonomics to apartments with a much larger area.

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Apartment in Moscow by Monoloko design

The main idea behind this project by Monoloko Design is to turn the interior toward the view from the windows. The interior is designed to reveal the entire space, drawing attention to panoramic views of a nearby park and rowing basin through the use of geometry and reflections in mirrors and glass. Photography by Dmitry Chebanenko.

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Apartment in Moscow by Shamsudin Kerimov

This apartment is a project designed by Shamsudin Kerimov, covers an area of 135 sqm and is located in Moscow, Russia.

Apartment in Moscow by Shamsudin Kerimov 01

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