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Duplex Apartment of Yanlord Marina Center

Situated between the southern end of the scenic Qinglv Road and Gongbei Customs Checkpoint, Yanlord Marina Center enjoys good views of Macau in vicinity and Hong Kong on horizon. Yanlord Marina Center, a 600m long building complex along Qinglv Road, is poised to create a lasting impression with a series of full-blown sails, forming a new icon of the coastal city.


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Duplex apartment by Space Dynamix

Duplex apartment is a project designed by Space Dynamix covers an area of 2400 sft and is located in Malabar Hill, Mumbai.

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Elegant Attic on Norrbackagatan, Stockholm.

This elegant attic covers an area of 1,260 square feet over two floors and is located on Norrbackagatan, a street of Stockholm, Sweden. It is currently for sale for around $1.17 million by Tradition.

Elegant Attic on Norrbackagatan, Stockholm 01

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De Waterkant by ARRCC and OKHA Interiors

De Waterkant is a duplex apartment redesigned by ARRCC and OKHA Interiors, and is located Cape Town, South Africa.

De Waterkant by SAOTA 01

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Central London Flat by VW+BS.

This central London flat was designed by VW+BS and belongs to an extended family of several generations from South East Asia, who regularly visit London for work and pleasure.

Central London Flat by VW+BS 01

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Malibu Residence by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados.

Malibu Residence is a luxury duplex apartment designed by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados and is located in Malibu, California, USA.

Malibu Residence by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados 01

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29 Square Meters by 3XA.

29 Square Meters was designed by 3XA and is located in Wroclaw, Poland. This home measures 29 square meters only but boasts a comfortable living area, kitchen with dining counter and a ‘bedroom’. The bedroom area is a half-loft with toilet & bath below and accessed by a staircase with built-in shelves for storage of books and decor pieces.

29 Square Meters by 3XA 01

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Master Suite: Bed/Stair by Perianth Interior Design

After completing the design and installation for their Boy’s Bedroom, the client asked Perianth to design the interiors for their new Master Bedroom Suite, which would be a new structure added atop of their Park Avenue townhouse. After learning the parameters of the project from the architects, Zaskorski and Notaro, Perianth designed everything from the placement of windows, doors and skylights down to the final finishing touches.

Master Suite BedStair by Perianth Interior Design 01

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Renovated Duplex Attic Apartment.

This renovated duplex apartment has 127 meters (1,367 sq. ft.) with modern interior design. It has an open kitchen and dining area on the main floor and the living area in the attic. The all white wood flooring in the attic and white walls throughout visually expand the space and keep the decor beautifully modern.

Renovated Duplex Attic Apartment 02