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Penthouse in Moscow by Ivan Kachalov

Architect Ivan Kachalov designed a penthouse with an outdoor terrace, a winter garden and a wood burning fireplace in a prestigious new house in the Khamovniki district. The apartment is located on the top floor of a residential complex and has a huge advantage – an exploited roof hovering over the city. The result was a status interior with a view of the iconic Moscow architecture, luxurious and functional.

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Two-story apartmen by Ivan Kachalov

Two-story apartmen is a project designed by Ivan Kachalov. The owner of this unique apartment has lived in Londonfor a long time, where the traditional low-rise buildings with small courtyards in each apartment. Back in Moscow, she was looking for just such housing. And she found it in a residential complex Literator in Khamovniki. And Ivan Kachalov team helped her to recreate the spirit of London in the apartment. The two-storey apartment with panoramic windows with a total area of 180 square meters is decorated in a modern style. A sense of peace and respectability emanates from the wooden panels and calm colors that the designer chose to finish the entire space. This project is one of the most restrained in our portfolio, but surprisingly warm and cozy.

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Apartment in Moscow by Ivan Kachalov

Architect Ivan Kachalov approached the design of an apartment for his own family as an experiment and turned a small space into an innovative design territory. Located in a residential complex Wellton Park apartment of 70 square meters. In addition to a successful location and high-quality architecture, it initially did not stand out: the complicated “L”-shaped plan, the supporting column in the center of the common space did not add either comfort or aesthetics to it. But the architect Ivan Kachalov used the entire arsenal of design and technological solutions, creating an exclusive interior that is not inferior in functionality and ergonomics to apartments with a much larger area.

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