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This project is a transformation of an old apartment. The client, who works in the field of art, is nostalgic and fond of places that carry memories. He especially likes the apartment’s outdoor garden which occupies more than 100 square meters, since it is where dreams begin and all the plants in it have been growing together with his family. Before the transformation, the family had lived in this apartment for 10 years. Because of increase of family members, an extra room needed to be added in order to satisfy living demands. To achieve this, the design firm, JINGU PHOENIX SPACE PLANNING ORGANIZATION, turned the space of an original bedroom and a bathroom into two bedrooms and one bathroom, while retaining the previous layout of the residence. Photography by Ouyang Yun


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Gong Sheng by Jingu Phoenix space planning organization

Gong Sheng is a project designed by Jingu Phoenix space planning organization. The client is a landscape designer couple, who have a particular affection for nature and a serene lifestyle. The interior space consists of one basement and two floors on the ground, and each floor features staggered interior structures, which enriches the interaction between the occupants and spaces. The atrium and staircase are in the central area, with a green maple brought into the atrium from the previous residence. The underground rooms, tea drinking area and kitchen are dotted with plants. Each area within the space well integrates with nature and is awash with a living atmosphere. Photography by Wu Yongchang

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