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RE House by DFG Architetti

RE House is a project designed by DFG Architetti. Wood filters, digs, covers. Plants fill the spaces between the walls. Touches of pastel chase each other between the rooms. Measurement, balance, sobriety are the main features of this project, in which everything, from light to colors, from full to empty, from materials to transparencies, everything has a carefully measured weight. We attach some low resolution images (to avoid problems with the capacity of the mailboxes) and a descriptive text that also includes all the credits, from companies to the photographer. It is possible to view the entire report in high resolution on our website. Photography by Marcello Bocchieri.


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R+E House by DP+HS architects

Located in a residential area in West Jakarta, Indonesia, this house occupies a 300 sqm plot of land. Inhabited by a small young family with 2 kids, it was made with careful attention to owner’s family activities during the course of the day. Don Pieto and Henny Suwardi of DP+HS Architects emphasize interlocking space to connect different activities between spaces.

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